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About Pipe-Line Denmark

Pipe-Line Denmark was officially established in the year 2002, but the idea behind the company started in the late 90's, where the founder (Mr. Lars Hansen) was the CEO and designer at one of the largest and well known companies within the Fireproducts business. This company was also founded and owned by Lars Hansen back in 1995.

After 7 years of successful development of both products and markets Lars Hansen decided to leave the company, which he meanwhile had sold, and established Pipe-Line Denmark with new visions and ideas to meet the increasing demands of the market for advanced Fireproducts for the garden.

The earlier years focus on production of traditional single flamed garden torches from India and China, has now within the company Pipe-Line Denmark been replaced with the development and investments of industrial tooling from European suppliers for the production of new and innovative products.

The advantages are many, but especially the uniform high quality, security of supply and outmost the possibility of creating the advanced features as e.g. the patent registered 'Advanced Burning Control', is the reason for the new production strategy.

Innovation in the developing of new products is the significant element in Pipe-Line Denmark's idea and this ensures that Pipe-Line Denmarks customers are able to present innovative and differential novelties on a strongly competitive, but traditional market.
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